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BS6004 multi cores solid cable price Avatar
BS6004 multi cores solid cable price
Created by hairuo on Sep, 29 2018 with 1 Members

JIAXING ZHENHUA WIRE&CABLE CO. LTD. is one of the leading wire and cable manufacturer and exporter in the east of Cnina ,we are located in shiquan industry zone ,haiyan county ,zhengjiang province . Our company is a key plant specializing in producing various wires and cables such as speaker cables, power cables, telephone cables, audio & video cables, coaxial cables, LAN cables, alarm cables, and different kinds of plugs and sockets. Certificates like ISO,SGS,SONCAP ,CE,ROHS are best evidence of ZHENHUA CABLE ability .products are exported to Europe ,Asia ,Africa and other markets.Our goal is providing high quality and reasonable price products to our clients,offering satisfied OEM,ODM service to meet clients’ request from all over the world. We are welcome friends from all circles to visit our company and discuss business with us .let’s create the bright future with our success cooperation .BS6004 multi cores solid cable price website: website2:

children's climbing wall Avatar
children's climbing wall
Created by hairuo on Sep, 29 2018 with 1 Members

kids Climbing wall indoor This is a fun and safe sport for all ages. Climbing facilities provide a controlled, supervised environment where novice through professional climbers can exercise in an enjoyable way. Thousands of indoor climbing gyms listed world-wide operate for you to enjoy. Take advantage of this fun sport! With indoor climbing you get the best possible workout. Even your mind benefits with the problem solving this sport demands, and you will learn mental control along with your improved climbing skills. As an exercise you get benefits from both endurance and strength training, and both fast and slow twitch muscles are required. So, climbing exercise engages and works all muscle groups simultaneously, while using and improving balance and coordination. Some may feel that working out at a fitness center is a little boring; but exercise with climbing is always new, challenging, and motivating. You also benefit from the social aspect you experience at a climbing gym or your own home climbing wall. It's a place for trust building, camaraderie, and self-confidence. A home climbing wall room, or climbing gym location offers a pleasurable setting for parties or small groups of friends. With indoor climbing you will get a sense of accomplishment with your workout, and over a relatively short time improve your physical, mental, and even social aspects of your life. Climbing wall A climbing wall is an artificially constructed wall with grips for hands and feet, usually used for indoor and outdoor climbing. Some are brick or wooden constructions, but on most modern walls, the material most often used is a thick multiplex board with holes drilled into it. Recently, manufactured steel and aluminum have also been used. The wall may have places to attach belay ropes, but may also be used to practise lead climbing or bouldering. Each hole contains a specially formed t-nut to allow modular climbing holds to be screwed onto the wall. With manufactured steel or aluminum walls, an engineered industrial fastener is used to secure climbing holds. The face of the multiplex board climbing surface is covered with textured products including concrete and paint or polyurethane loaded with sand. In addition to the textured surface and hand holds, the wall may contain surface structures such as indentions and protrusions, or take the form of an overhang, underhang or crack. If you're satisfied with our kids climbing wall indoor china manufacturers, please be free to wholesale the best equipment from our company. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers, we will offer you the service and fast delivery.children's climbing wall website:

Medical Stone quotation Avatar
Medical Stone quotation
Created by hairuo on Sep, 29 2018 with 1 Members

Our factory was established in 2005. Since the date of the establishment of the factory on to ceramic filter for water purification research and production, continuing to draw domestic and foreign advanced technology, improve their products, careful manufacture the full range of diatomaceous earth quality of micro-porous ceramic filter. Product testing by Zhejiang Provincial disease control center, Shanghai new professional testing, the performance indicators have reached the national standard. Products are widely used in various types of water purifiers, an abundant supply of customers at home and abroad, by the users alike. Factory of existing fixed assets of 10 million Yuan, annual production capacity of 3 million pieces of various types of ceramic filter. Total value of 18 million Yuan. Production Equipment Our CertificateMedical Stone quotation website: website2:

Short Path Distillator company Avatar
Short Path Distillator company
Created by hairuo on Sep, 29 2018 with 1 Members

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,LTD.(Wuxi Chemical Machinery Factory) was founded in 1966. It has been certified with ISO9001 in 1999 and with ISO9001:2000 in 2000. Lima holds the design and manufacture license for Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ and high pressure vessels, ASME U certificate and manufacture license of measurement instrument since 1984. With the 50 years development, it has accumulated great experience in related fields and has been a distinctive and famous enterprise in the petrochemical machinery industry. By focusing on customer and promoting customers' success, and with excellent technology and product quality, Lima's products have been exported to USA, Japan, Russia, Span,Singapore and other countries.Short Path Distillator company website:

Customized Indirect Press Avatar
Customized Indirect Press
Created by hairuo on Sep, 29 2018 with 1 Members

SOFT ALLOY EXTRUSION PRESS Features: 1.The machine has a four-column horizontal structure consisting of top-mounted oil tank, well-laid hydraulic piping and integrating electrical system.Installation and maintenance are convenient. 2.Mobile bean can be located at four positions and centre-adjusted.Mould moving mechanism can travel between two stations, safely and fast. 3.According to user's requirement special processes can be designed, such as double-motion seamless tubes extruding process, seamless tube short-range extruding process with floating hollow jets, reversible extruding process, constant temperature and speedregulating extruding process, etc. 4.Hydraulic products from Germany REXROTH, Japan YUKEN and USA VICKERS are optionally used according to user requirement. 5.Electronic component adopts the control system PLC of MITSUBISHI, Japan.Touch screen and speed sensor can set and regulate the speed. Our company, Weite Machinery, is one of the leading soft alloy extrusion press manufacturers and suppliers in China. With over decades experience in this field, we can offer you high quality customized soft alloy extrusion press service.Customized Indirect Press website:

USB Phone Charger manufacturers Avatar
USB Phone Charger manufacturers
Created by hairuo on Sep, 29 2018 with 1 Members

Established in 2006 in Shenzhen, Shenzhen GEO Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of switching power supply. We have passed the international certification of ISO 9001 quality management systems, and have been following the spirit of ISO in production and management. And at present the ERP management system has been adopted to ensure the high quality of our products and achieve cost reduction at the same time, so as to provide our customers with better services and more competitive products. Out products are well- received by our customers and manufactured with our philosophy of high quality, high security, high stability and super-competitiveness. We hope both our old and new customers who show an interest in our products may join us and make joint efforts to manufacture high quality products.USB Phone Charger manufacturers website:

Silicon Steel Slitting Machine Avatar
Silicon Steel Slitting Machine
Created by hairuo on Sep, 29 2018 with 1 Members

HIGH SPEED CRGO & CRNGO SILICON STEEL SLITTING LINE Description The line is fullgh speed and high precisioy automatic, especially for silicon steel (CRGO) coil longitudinal slitting with hin. The wide coil (1000/1250mm) shall be opened and cut into required width strips and then rewinded into rolled coil. The line speed is up to 120m/min, the min. slits width can be 8mm/10mm/20mm, as per your requirements. The main working flow is Feeding trolley→ hydraulic single-load un-coiler→ feeding unit→ plate head cutter→ rectification unit→ main slitter → scrap winder→ loop bridge and buffer pit → pre-distribution & tensioning machine→ recoiler → unloading trolley→ hydraulic & electric control Machine Features: DC driving for slitting and recoiling PLC automatic controlling, VF speed adjusting, touch screen operation High quality alloy blade for precision working International famous brand Electrical and Pneumatic elements Machine main technical requirements Technical parameter Value Technical parameter Value Line speed0-120m/minSlitting quantityMax. 20 slits Coil materialSilicon steel, etcSlitting widthMin. 8/10/20mm Slitting width toleranceUnder ±0.02mmCoil ODΦ800~1200mm Edge straightness accuracyUnder ±0.08mm/mCoil IDΦ508mm Re-coiling side shape toleranceUnder 0.5mmCoil weightMax. 5000kg Production quantity after 1-time blade grinding (maintenance)≥800 tonsBurr5% of coil thickness Scrap width1.5~15mmSurface qualityNo folding, Angular, scratches, edge damage, oil, roller printing, creases and other defects Haoshuo Technology is known as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of high speed slitting line. Equipped with a productive factory, we warmly welcome you to purchase high speed slitting line with high precision and reliable performance with us. Expecting to be your long-term partner.Silicon Steel Slitting Machine website:

wholesale instruments electronics products oem manufacturing Avatar
wholesale instruments electronics products oem manufacturing
Created by hairuo on Sep, 29 2018 with 1 Members

20 Years Of Electronics Products Turnkey OEM/ODM, Electronics Contract Manufacturing and Pcb Assembly Services -- China Topscom(shenzhen) Topscom is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider focused on delivering innovative design and manufacturing services to automotive, industrial, medical, consumer, telecom, and technology companies. With fiscal year 2013 revenues of USD$360 Million, Topscom helps customers design, build, ship, and service electronics products which provides customers with complete design, engineering, and manufacturing resources that are vertically integrated with components to optimize their operations by lowering their costs and reducing their time to markets. Full-equipped Divisions for Your Assurance Our different divisions are aligned to provide an extensive range of fabrication, engineering and machining services: Our SMT capabilities cover 0201, lead-free and flip-chip technologies. Our plastic injection molding division is aligned with advanced equipment in white room and ice water cooling system. A special production line is also built to take out and slice the material grain there. Our metal stamping division is equipped with CNC process center, silk machines and drilling machines from Japan and Taiwan. In our mold tooling division, we use Pro-Engineer professional software for effective design support. Utilizing EROWA grips, we can control the process accuracy within 3ums. To keep quality control effective, we continually evaluate our test flow charts. We also maintain procurement offices in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong controlled by our centralized materials warehouse in Shenzhen. Our manufacturing plant is located in shenzhen, China with a total area of 20,0000 square meter and over 4000 employees. We strongly believe in the value of our staff and aspire to maintain a professional attitude and corporate culture that fosters creativity and offers job satisfaction. The management emphasizes continuous training, open communication channel, teamwork and participation in decision-making process. With substantial experience in cooperating with high-tech companies and diversified customer base in wide product range, we are very confident to provide excellent services, high flexibility, cost effective manufacturing solutions and punctual delivery for our customers. Our worldwide top clients list: Alloy, Rda (Australia) , Bestdl (Belgium), Sqp (France), Destst, Metro (Israel), Aji, Fujitsu, Sony (Japan), Dgsb (Malaysia), Rdi (Netherlands), Mlcroalp(Singapore), Inventron, Tempel (Spain), Imc (UK), Cisco (USA). Company Fast Facts: Fiscal 2013 Revenue:360 Million USD Business Focus: Electronics Manufacturing Service,Turnkey Electronics Products OEM ODM,Pcba Asssembly. Established: 1995 Year Employees: 4000 Worldwide, September 2013 President & CEO: Dr.Terry Xu Headquarters: HongKong Factory Location: Longhua new district and Guangming new district Of Shenzhen City,China. Chief Financial Officer:Dr.Angle Lee OEM I Factory GM: Dr.Frank Wu OEM II Factory GM: Dr.Morris Wang Factory CTO: Mr.Jack Lee Lawyer affairs leader: Dr.david zhou CHO: Mr.Seve Zhang wholesale instruments electronics products oem manufacturing website: